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"The trio weaves classic California harmonies and 1970s R&B sounds together into a scintillating sound." -- London Evening Standard. With two stylish videos and a double-sided maxi-single, Pacific Soul Ltd. - featuring the soulful vocals of Norman Kelsey and Teresa Cowles (fresh from her role in the Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy) - took England by storm on their 2015 tour, with appearances at International Pop Overthrow and Beatles haunts the Cavern Club and Jacaranda, as well as London's legendary 12 Bar Club. Their first full-lengthThe Dance Divine was released in October 2016.


Rob Martinez knows his way to a great melody. Weaned on a steady diet of McCartney, Cheap Trick and Crowded House, this Albuquerque songwriter distills his influences into an instantly accessible power pop classic, with each song carefully arranged and crafted to stand on its own as a hooky, hit single. With a canny mix of cheerful rockers, thoughtful ballads and clever retro pastiches, his new CD New Love Environment raised the bar for melodic pop in the new millennium. He raised the bar even further with two subsequent releases: Today My Mind...Tomorrow The World (2018) and Maybe Miss America (2020).


Two thirds classic country, one third Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, Summer Children's debut album -- featuring the down-home stylings of vocalist Leslie Wenzell -- is as easy to describe as it is hard to categorize. Tracks like "Summer Children" and "Back Together Now" have the lazy harmony-driven haze of mid '60s Southern California, but the period stylings of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline get equal respect here. Superstar roots rock guitarist Dave Gleason adds his touch to rootsy workouts like "Poor Natalie" and "Mighty Fast Car," while Wenzell sounds right at home on the Elvis-like ballad "The Bluest Heart" and a cover of "Walkin' After Midnight."
Summer Children is readying new songs for release in 2020.

"A groovy, wonderful album." -- Rust Magazine



Mod HippieMod Hippie's debut CD Tomorrow Then was an epic post-apocalyptic garage rock statement; the Seeds and Nick Cave as re-imagined by Pink Floyd or Robyn Hitchcock. With its swirling psychedelic touches, inventive guitar work, surprisingly lush harmonies meshed with punk rock vocal stylings that recall the glory days of Black Flag, Mod Hippie brings its own vision to the table - an ambitious, widescreen production that nonetheless delivers melodic hooks and direct rock 'n' roll satisfaction as it explores the universe. Probyn Gregory of the Brian Wilson Band guests on theremin on the eight-minute "Outside Space And Time." After its impressive 2015 debut garnered wide airplay, Mod Hippie followed with two more albums: Big Wow (2016) and Tomorrow Then (2018).


"One of the finest songwriters to come out of the west coast in a long time." -- Time Out NYC. Adam Marsland's career as a solo artist has seen literally hundreds of shows, from multiple cross-country U.S. tours to appearances in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Indonesia and Japan. With his legendary Chaos Band (featuring Evie Sands and Grammy Winner Alan Boyd), Karma Frog released 2007's Long Promised Road: Songs of Dennis and Carl Wilson Live, now a bonafide collector's item. On his own, Marsland's Go West and Daylight Kissing Night CDs both achieved top 40 international placings on amazon.com's sales chart. His most recent CD, The Owl And The Full Moon, featured the single "No One's Ever Gonna Hear This Song" and launched a year and a half on the road all over the world. His 2017 Bulé album fused southeast Asia influences to his trademark literate pop. Several limited edition releases followed.


One of the moving forces in the Pop Underground in the '90s L.A. music scene, Cockeyed Ghost's high energy punk-pop mellowed into desert-tinged, poignant pop on their final and most highly regarded album, Ludlow 6:18, which was Karma Frog's first release in 2001. Though Cockeyed Ghost members have gone on to bigger and better things (most notably Severo Jornacion, now a member of the Smithereens), this album is their finest hour and is still fondly remembered by fans of this great era of pop music. It is the only one of Cockeyed Ghost's albums still in print.